How to make her squirt – for dummies

In this short post, I’ll address one of the hottest topics in sex today – how to make your girlfriend squirt. And if you noticed in the previous sentence I didn’t say we’ll talk about how to make some random chick squirt, but rather your girlfriend and there is a reason why, but I’ll get to that later.

First of all, let me explain what squirting basically is. Squirting is a female ejaculation, and unlike some people claim, it is not a pee, it’s squirting orgasm. From what I learned about the topic, almost every woman can squirt if she can relax properly and if you know how to make her squirt.

A squirting orgasm is arguably the best orgasm most women can have. Like with everything, you can’t say every girl will love to squirt more than they would like to experience some other orgasm, but most girls, in fact, do prefer squirting orgasm above every other type of orgasm. A great thing about it is the fact that size of your penis is not important for this, not by a long shot. You’re probably wondering how is that possible and here is the answer – you don’t use your penis at all for this technique.

Even though in some rare cases you can make them squirt penetrating with your penis in the right angel, that only works for very small percentage of girls, and for the rest you need to use your fingers, how cool is that?! The best sexual experience a girl can have, and you don’t have to use your penis, that’s a good news for everyone with a small penis. Just imagine how powerful you can feel when you can make her squirt with your fingers, and her ex with a huge penis couldn’t do it, lol.

Now let’s get back to something I mentioned in the beginning. Why it’s easier to make your girlfriend squirt than some random chick you just met in the bar. Well, she doesn’t have to be your girlfriend, but it should be some girl you are in a sexual relationship for a while. As a rule of thumb, let’s say it would be great if you had sex at least 10 times before. At that point, you are better familiar with each other and more relaxed in each others company, especially naked with spread legs, etc.

This step is very important according to How To Make A Woman Squirt – homepage because she (girl you’re trying to make squirt) needs to be completely relaxed, because if you’re fingering her properly and applying pressure on her g spot, after a while she should have a feeling like she is about to pee, which means you are on the right path. As I said before, that is not a pee, but it is coming from the same place so it should feel like it. Then it’s very important not to hold it, but to push it like she wants it to come out because she does want that. You can’t explain that to most girls you just meet in the bar because they think they will pee on you, and they don’t want to do that. So explain this to hear before, so she can help you with that. Obviously, you can make a girl squirt if she doesn’t want it – if she holds it in her thinking it’s a pee.

I won’t go into details about those techniques because there are websites who specialize in making girls squirt, but if you read this carefully you will know that it’s possible and that everyone can do it, and that was my goal. If you want to learn more, visit our friends at the official website and download their free manual on how to make a girl squirt.